Wednesday, February 13, 2008

the best day off ever!!!!

for those of you who aren't into sewing or fabric, i am really sorry about this next post b/c i am about to go over the top with superlatives, exclamation points and adjectives! Yesterday i was treated to a great lunch at this lovely place, and i had a personal tour of a high end textile store, Schumacher's. All i can say is "wow." Can you believe i actually ran my hands across rows of amazing pieces of fabric that are almost $1000/ yard!!! Hand-made, hand-woven, hand pulled, hand-blocked..... absolutely delicious! i need a job at a place like that! After we were done eating lunch we wandered around all the designer showrooms. there were some good deals to be had. We even found a whole table full of lamps that were 75% off........... of $999.99!!!!! Later i picked Aidan up from James' work. After spending a few hours with daddy, Aidan thought he was pretty big stuff. One of James' co-workers had given Aidan a leather day planner that says "Carlson School of Managment" and Aidan carried it around proudly all day. Not to be outdone by daddy, Aidan and i had to make a special stop here for some quality bonding time over some cupcakes. Even though touring the textile store was probably the most fun i have had in months, nothing can top a chocolate kiss from my three-year-old.

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