Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cooking with Aidan

Lately Aidan has become the best little helper. And smart too....... he totally caught on to the fact that while he knows how to load the dishwasher, and cook food, and do the laundry, daddy still is clueless. He even offered James a cooking tutorial. Trust me, if the day ever comes that James enters the kitchen with the intent of cooking a meal, i will capture as many digital images as possible, and post them for all to see. Otherwise, who would believe it ever happened? Anyway, Aidan and i spent a delightful afternoon making Swedish meatballs, and he even did the dishes when we were done! Amazing! My next plan is to teach him to use the sewing machine...... i really need to increase my production.

making the breadcrumbs.....

Notice the cute little chubby fingers....

shaping the meatballs......

Look mom! I'm doing the dishes!

I think he cleans the dishes better than i do.

There wasn't even any lumps in the gravy!

mmmm...... notice, since he was the one cooking, he has noodles AND potatoes!

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