Thursday, June 24, 2010

First and Last

Last day of school for Aidan.
I cannot believe the year is over. What an amazing year it was.

First official sleepover the same night.
I cried.

First dentist appointment, and....... first cavities. That made me want to cry too, until a good friend told me her son had the same problems. Phew...... I thought it was the hygiene at my house.

First massage, me. Yes, really.
Laying still for an hour is very hard for me. Initially I was so relaxed that I burst into tears but she then told me she would work hard to help me let go of my negative energy. Wrong thing to say to me as I tensed up and started mentally reviewing my to-do list. Maybe next time. And I won't even get into how sweaty she was with make-up rolling down her face, all a result of the healing energy she was imparting to me.

First days at YMCA camp. Oh, so fun.

First time to march in a parade. (both Aidan and myself, and I promise a blog-post will come)

First warm, summer days at the pool.

First game at the new Twins stadium for me. Thanks MB.
I will admit, I can see the allure. The new stadium is fabulous. (this coming from a total anti-sporting events person.)

First time in my personal blog history that I have not photographed all these events.

Here's the few I do have. Hopefully I will do better with the rest of the summer.

How about your summer? Are you enjoying the long days and lazy mornings?

We are.

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downthegardenpath said...

It has been quite a year for milestones for you all. I hope you get some time to catch your breath and enjoy the summer. Was the massage a gift? Will you go back? Or try it with someone less sweaty? Somewhere I have pictures of you in a parade at Wahpeton.