Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yinghua parade

I love Yinghua - I love the school, the teachers, everything. I only struggle with one thing. Sometimes there is just a little language barrier.

Last week I picked Aidan up from Chinese Math Camp at the school and I happened to run into Aidan's teacher. After the initial exchange of pleasantries our conversation went something like this.

Fang LaoShi - "Hi, Hi - are you coming to parade tonight?

Me - "Oh, the Northeast Minneapolis parade is the 22nd, I totally forgot!"

Fang LaoShi - "You should come! Yes! There will be lots of Yinghua families there! We meet at xxxx house at 5:00 p.m.

Me - "Well, I wouldn't want to invite myself to your party, are you sure?"

Fan LaoShi -"Yes, yes, you should come! Bring Aidan! We have so much fun! You should come!"

So we went. And as soon as I pulled up to the house I noticed all the kids were in Chinese costumes........ all the parents were in red T-shirts........... (did I mention it was 95 degrees that day????) and parent volunteers were decorating wagons............. suddenly it dawned on me, I was going to be in the parade, not watching the parade!

We were #25 in the Northeast Minneapolis Annual parade. Our kids danced and sang {almost} the whole 2 miles. No one passed out from heat exhaustion, not even Betsy the principal in her traditional garb.

Aidan loved handing out tattoo's and candy to the crowd. He took his time so he could make sure not to miss a single person. (If I might brag for a moment, he really is a sweet boy and it made me so proud to watch him!) Thankfully his earnestness caused him to run out of tattoo's rather quickly because he kept lagging way behind and making me nervous.

So my friends, that is a recap of our evening at the parade. We ended the night with a root beer float at a local creamery while we rested our aching feet. And we have some good memories thanks to Fang LaoShi.

Enjoy the pictures! (and they are backwards, so if you care you should start at the bottom and scroll up.)


downthegardenpath said...

How fun! Was that the dragon from the art fair? And, yes, you do have a sweet kid! I'm so glad this this first year of school, with all the changes in has brought to your family, has been a success.

Stephanie said...

That's pretty hilarious. :)

Anonymous said...

birdhouse real cute...the parade looked the swimsuit choice have fun out is my new