Thursday, July 1, 2010

Two weekends ago

That's right. I am sooo far behind! I have pictures from when Brian and Stacy were hear to visit a few weeks ago and I just haven't had the motivation to sit down at the computer and share them with you all. The last few weeks we have enjoyed some lovely weather so I would much rather be inside than outside. And did I mention Aidan has a new bike? It is a lovely shade of green, (of course!) but it is bigger which means freedom! After years of lugging him behind in a trailer or on a tandem bike he is now able to keep up with me and we have had so much fun! (Except for the other night when a random dog ran out and growled at him, scaring him and causing him to fall off his bike, but other than that we have had fun. I did consider writing a post about dog etiquette, but considering the offending dog/owner lives a few blocks away they will probably never know how irritating the exchange was or that every time we see a dog now we both hang back.)

Now, where was I? Oh, the lake.

Since I moved to the Cities over a decade ago I have enjoyed many afternoons at the lake home of the Goetze family, and now it is fun to take Aidan up there to play with all the Goetze cousins. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us, Stace, I know it was your time with your family, but we sure enjoyed seeing all of you. And thank you Brian for playing with the boys and fishing with them until 10:00 pm! What a fun day! Sadly, my batteries died, so I only have pics from the beginning of the day. The rest are on Christa's camera, so maybe check her blog for more. (hint hint!)

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