Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A trip of "firsts"

We are home now- we had so much fun. I am sure the trip is all I will blog about for the next few weeks, but I want to remember for Aidan's sake.

He had a lot of "first experiences" on this trip. I pulled out a few of the highlights to show you.

First airplane ride. (other than when I was pregnant with him and we flew out to see
Brian and Stace.)

First taxi. (Unplanned. My rental car agency was not exactly forthcoming about their location. Apparently we have two very different opinions about what "located at Logan Airport" means.)

First ferry ride.

First subway ride.

First stay at an Inn.

He was amazed by the king sized bed.... and also really happy to have a television again after a week at Jacob and Kate's! He kept asking me, "Is this really what Kings sleep in?"

Stay tuned- more to follow this week!


RaspberriesnCream said...

He looks terrified in the picture of his first subway ride! So hilarious!

downthegardenpath said...

I thought the same thing!
It will be fun to see more of your trip. Where was the Inn? Looks like a charming porch.

Sarah said...

looks like so much fun for you two! I love that picture of him on the subway; it makes me laugh!

Jakob said...

television scmhelavision!