Friday, July 2, 2010

The Fridge Fiasco

I am pleased to say we have a new fridge, and I could bore you with a massively long story about the whole ordeal, but all I have to say is this. Stick.with.your.guns.

I did, and it meant that two managers from Home Depot hauled a display model to our house in the pouring rain that we were able to use for a week until the proper fridge actually came and then the two managers had to come back again a week later and haul away the display model. Oh, did I mention it was pouring rain when they made the return trip as well?

But now we have a fridge, that, well. works.

Amazing. No more milkshake-style ice cream at our house.

Oh - and I also happened to be cleaning out my sewing room this week and I found this rug I'd bought on clearance at Anthro ages ago planning to cut it up for bags. Its like I have a whole new kitchen!


Stephanie said...

The kitchen looks beautiful! Way to stick to your guns too, I always get ripped off.. so humiliating! :)

downthegardenpath said...

I'm glad to hear your.guns. I love the image of the managers tromping through the rain (twice) to make you happy.