Thursday, July 8, 2010

Much Neglected

Unlike relationships with friends and family, a perennial bed seems to thrive even when neglected for a season.

Or at least mine has!

My bold pink hydrangeas are blooming for the first time in my front garden, and I am so excited the all my feather-like astilbe are starting to fill in the back shade gardens between the ferns and the hosta's. I love the variety of textures.

How is your garden doing this summer?


downthegardenpath said...

lovely, just lovely.

If you stand at the kitchen window, or the back door, looking out at my flower beds they present themselves well. The colors are wonderful, the plants full and lush. If, however, you get close enough you can see that they have been neglected - weeds are growing with as much vigor as my flowers....

RaspberriesnCream said...

Your garden is so beautiful. My "garden"..a.k.a. flowers in pots are depressed because they have a terrible forgetful owner.