Tuesday, July 13, 2010

On a jet plane

That's right. This morning Aidan and I caught the red-eye out of Minneapolis, (thanks for the 4 am ride James!) and before lunch time we will be here.

Well, maybe not here, but very close.

We are going to see Jacob and Kate, (my brother and his wife) for a week. We have many plans of places we want to go and see if the heat wave breaks, otherwise we will just be here. We have had a lot going on of late and I have to admit I am fine if we never leave the ocean . But if we do, we are going to take Aidan to see NYC and the Statue of Liberty. He has been learning about her at school and can tell you all about her in Chinese.

So stay tuned! I did put a few blogposts on "autopublish" and maybe I will even find a chance to blog from CT.

Now, where was I..................?


bethany said...

Completely jealous. Picturesque barely touches the desciption these images...please do post photos, let us live vicariously through you! Give us all a mini-vacation!! :)

christa said...

i'm glad you could make it to my birthday party in st. paul tonight even though your blog says you're already on the east coast. hmmm.....

have an awesome, relaxing vacation! can't wait to see all the pictures!!