Friday, October 31, 2008

Autumn Fun

Here we go! Jump!

Leaf fight anyone?

Yeah, I let Aidan play with the camera and now there are about 20 blurry photos of me. Somehow I like the blurry face much better than the face I see in the mirror everyday....... but even through the blur, do I see crow's feet?

Of course we didn't pose this!


My attempt at the perfect photo. Note the leaves stuck to his snot.

Much Better!

Please mom.... Bury me!

It's so cute how four-year-olds think its fun to be buried, and then still laugh when you act all surprised when they jump out at you for the fiftieth time!

One last dive!


MB said...

crows feet means you're generally a happy, smiley person :) that's a good thing!

downthegardenpath said...

looks like a fun day. i didn't realize that you had the grimsley chin - maybe it was just the angle?? where are the costume pictures??