Sunday, November 1, 2009

Can you tell

that I am still stuck at home with a feverish kid? All these blogposts - don't get used to it though.

Today we are going to try this soup. I had one like it years ago at Muffuletta's, one of my favorite restaurants. We will see how it turns out. I have lots of sweet potatoes, which have never been a favorite but I am learning new ways to make them, ones that don't involve marshmallows and butter.

I am also going to tackle the chair today. I picked up an old chair on Craigslist and I want to reupholster it for my living room so I can return the green chair to the guest bedroom. Aidan still has a fever which means he will be out of school tomorrow too. I have lots of sewing to do, but I want to get these big projects out of the way while I have a big chunk of time. We may have missed all the festivities this weekend, but my time has been very profitable! (And in case you are wondering why I can't just be happy keeping the green chair in the living room.... it is super cute but not very comfortable. I used to have it in the living room but it feels really awkward when you sit in it and guests always look uncomfortable. I think armless chairs in general are uncomfortable even though they look nice. )

We also had a super - hero visit us last night. Someone went trick-or-treating for Aidan. Wasn't that sweet? He only claimed half the candy as his payment. I ate the other half. (Not really, but I feel like I did! Ugh!)

How are you enjoying this perfect fall day?


Stephanie said...

When Aidan gets better, if he still wants to trick or treat, send him to our house! We have tons of candy! We would love to have him!

Sarah said...

that is a true super-hero. awesome!

Barb Buckton said...

Kent and I both have the H1N1-a drag! I will be home again tomorrow, my 2.5 day, so I will be looking forward to your post! I was feeling pretty spunky because I wasn't as sick as Kent, who also has bronchitis. Today I woke up not being able to breathe, sneezing all day with my nose running all day. It isn't very fun. I couldn't even taste the Tom Yum Soup Kent picked up.

Jill said...

Pretty sure Jar and I had it too.. me 2 wks ago and him now for over a week. High temp, sore throat, aches and bad headache. Not fun- think you're better and then it hits again! Prob one of the worst flus and colds I've had. Kids haven't but were sick with similar symptoms towards the end of Aug. Each sick a separate week FOR a week long each! We wonder if it was h1n1 but seems so early for that. Took them in b/c I was thinking strept. and doc didn't think it was h1n1. Anyways.. sure going around!! Hope he gets better- give him lots of lovin' and enjoy your time at home!