Monday, November 2, 2009

First Day

Today was James first day at his new job. I had big intentions of getting up, making him breakfast and coffee and sending him out the door with a kiss and a smile.

Like I said, good intentions.

Then I wanted to call and wish him good luck, but he was spending the day with his boss, driving to meet some other exec's in WI. So I didn't want to interrupt.

So I decided to make him a nice candlelight dinner and have some of his favorite food- namely sushi. They have good take-out at Target's deli, (hard to believe I know) and then we rushed through Target so quickly I forgot all about it! Argh.

However we did manage to make a nice dinner and set a festive table. Aidan picked the flowers on the table and arranged them just so, and he also put the silverware on. He is such a good helper!

I also discovered a new use for the huge box of jello molds I bought at a yard sale this summer - tea light holders. They reflect the light beautifully! I think they are going to be a new favorite special-occasion standby.

As far as how the first day went I am not sure yet. As I write this he is still driving home. (It is 7:00) This is going to take some getting used too............


P.S. Thanks for the couch and rug love. The couch is from a thrift store- I found it years ago. But good news - there is one almost just like it at the thrift store in Roseville right now! The rug is from IKEA, it was super cheap, but it is nice and warm. However our corners are full of hairy dust bunnies now, it is almost like we have a dog. Maybe we should just get one.


Sarah said...

I LOVE the tea-light/jello tins! beautiful!

downthegardenpath said...

i don't think good intentions are ever wasted. looks like you both did a lovely job - james has a great place to come home to.

face it you've just been spoiled having him around these past months think back to the schedules you've dealt with in times past...

jenica said...

I'm sure James felt very special! The jello tins are gorgeous!

I hope all goes well with his long commute. We've had a 1 hr. commute 1 way before and it was a little rough, but you get used to it, sort of. Even now, Andy works long hours and it's hard at time, but then again we're just thankful he has a job! I hope James really likes his new work.

Oh! Thanks for the S. Target sushi tip, I've been craving it.
Yep, love the couch and rug.