Thursday, April 29, 2010

can't help but brag a little

I was helping Aidan put together a Lego set last week and while reading the directions Aidan identified these flags both in English and Chinese.

Even though originally I had some reservations about sending him to the Chinese school, I have to say that I am so thankful he was able to attend Yinghua! Being the mom of a Kindergartner is a blast and it is so fun to be able to watch him learn, as I can objectively gauge his progress since I obviously am not the one teaching him Chinese. Lately he has had more verbal recitation homework, for example, the Pledge of Allegiance in both languages. He also can count by 2's, 3's and 5's to 100 in both languages. So fun!

(Okay - I will stop bragging about my child now, but since I use my blog as a "scrapbook" I have to include some of this stuff!)

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downthegardenpath said...

Just wondering - will they have a graduation?? Pretty cool about the flags...