Monday, April 12, 2010

A Very Long Post for a Very Short Weekend

My mom and dad made a quick trip up here for Aidan's birthday. (so if you happen to be counting, the kid has alot of birthday parties. One with my fam, one with James' and then a party with school friends. That's alot of cake. )

When my folks visit Aidan and my Dad are usually the first ones awake and it is fun to hear them chatting in the morning.

Opening his first gift. Note Charlie laying there so peacefully. He is such a good dog.

James, Aidan and my Dad went to Home Depot to make a butterfly house and also to buy supplies for my Dad's project.

On Saturday Aidan delivered cupcakes to a few neighborhood friends.

Then we headed to the Mall of America to the amusement park. (FYI - Children get a free wristband on their birthday if you pre-register and bring their birth certificate.)

James didn't feel well due to his allergies so Aidan and I braved this ride alone while my Mom and James held our bags.

This is what happens when you let your child ride alone without really even looking to see what ride he has picked. I can't remember the name of the ride but he sunk down and cried the whole time. Poor kid!
Although I must admit it is nice to be needed sometimes. Especially by a SIX year old.

A little happier here thanks to Nana's gift of the hat.

Finally opening the rest of the gifts after a supper of homemade Chinese dumplings and fried rice from Que Viet. We were in such a hurry to make dinner that we didn't take any pictures. Our dumplings weren't quite as good as the
ones we made with Fang Laoshi but next time........ we just need a little more practice. And if you live in the Cities, you really should go to Que Viet.

A favorite present made by Mitch, our neighbor. James and Aidan both have been very entertained by this during the last week.


More presents..........

My present.
I have always wanted beadboard in my house. Last summer James and Nick knocked a hole in the wall to check out some pipes and beadboard seemed the perfect solution for covering it.
I will have to take a picture when I am finished painting everything. It looks wonderful and really brightens the room. Thanks Dad!

Egg hunt.

And that concludes my pictures, but as always words and pictures alike fail to capture all the amazing moments we spend with our families. We just came back from James parents and while I only have a few pictures to show for our weekend, I can't capture those special moments and little conversations that make families so wonderful.
So thanks to all of ours - I know I often fail to say how much we appreciate and love you.
And stay tuned as we have one last birthday celebration to blog about!

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Jakob said...

really wish we could be there for some of glad we're moving back out that way next year.