Monday, April 26, 2010

My boy!

Centerpiece courtesy of Aidan

Grandma's - you should be excited because guess what each of you are getting for Mother's day????? That's right, we have enough to go around.

We are just keeping one - it is a "love" one he made for James while he was traveling last week.

We also had to text James while he was gone to tell him that a kid at Aidan's school "almost totally halfway destroyed my day." I laughed so hard but that was a mistake because he was very serious about it.

Aidan also had to rescue me from a spider and a centipede while James was gone. I am sure glad he is getting bigger and I can delegate those "manly tasks" to him now! And I am also glad that he still loves to sit on the deck and do projects with me, like the one in the photograph above.

I love you Aidan!

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downthegardenpath said...

I'll start looking for just the right spot.