Monday, November 22, 2010

a few more trip pics

We spent a few days at my parents house. Aidan loved playing with Charlie, I don't know that the feeling is mutual. However, for the first time ever Charlie slept in the same room as Aidan. Usually Aidan tries to force Charlie to sleep in his room and Charlie endures for a few minutes and then whines at the door until we set him free. This year they must have come to some kind of understanding, or maybe Charlie is just getting too old and tired to put up a fuss. Regardless, Aidan was thrilled to wake up one morning and find Charlie was still on the foot of his bed. And yes, these photos make me want to buy Aidan a dog.

My Mom and Dad put us to work. Aidan hauled about 25 bags of mulch and apparently acquired some huge muscles while doing so.

Enjoying a well-deserved break from Aidan.


downthegardenpath said...

Charlie always seems glad to see Aidan. You always seem to get great photos!

Stacy said...

You can have Hansel if you want him - for free! :)

bethany said...

These photos are gorgeous! I can never get B&W to turn out this nicely. What photo editing program are you using?

You should definitely get Aidan a puppy. Can you imagine this much cuteness all the time? :)