Tuesday, November 23, 2010

just making stuff

For those who ask/wonder, i do still sew, just not fanatically the way i used to.
I am having problems coming up with Christmas ideas for this year though because I have given away so many lap blankets, bags, scarves, mittens etc. over the years that I fear I have overloaded my loved ones with handmade gifts.
Last weekend I scoured the craft fair in search of new ideas or even some new homemade gifts that I could give, (even if I didn't make them) but I couldn't find much that was fresh and new.
Maybe next weekend at the No-Coast.

Just had to throw this one in. This is one of our last fall pics. We had unseasonably warm weather through October and so Aidan was still running around in shorts. One Sunday afternoon he needed to "rest" for a few minutes and this is how he fell asleep.


Jill said...

pssst. what about making laptop bags or casserole dish covers?! just recently have seen some neat hand sewn ones online.
you have any winterish purses laying around?!

Barb said...

I made some wonderful flavored salts, lavender dryer bags and a jar of cranberry muffin mix at Craft Camp with my friends. I will send you the recipes sometime this weekend.

Have a relaxing Thanksgiving!