Sunday, January 9, 2011

a new project

last week a co-worker asked me to decorate for her daughter's wedding. i am pretty excited - i love projects like this and i must admit that every time i take something like this on i have a secret hope that someday one of these "projects" will blossom into a new career.

the wedding colors i have to work with are deep turquoise and black. she has very simple, elegent taste but as of yet doesn't have a whole lot of direction. this weekend we talked about the possibility of damask table runners and a mixture of clear glass and milk-glass vases and votives on the table. i love the idea of peacock feathers as well.......

i staged a few "table-scapes" for her today. she is still debating over flowers but knows she wants lots and lots of candles. i picked up a bouquet of gerbera daisies and white roses today to play with. i don't know about you but i think i like the pictures with less flowers rather than more. and don't you think a peacock feather would look perfect on the table?

Pardon the "goodwill tags" on the tableware. We are still in the debating process so I might need to return everything. I will post some inspiration photos later........... and I would love any ideas!

a few of my thoughts after taking the pictures:

I thought I liked the white/black fabric more than the black/white fabric but i think the black will provide better contrast in her photos.

I also think that perhaps only one or two flowers are all we need at each table. I think white ranunculus would be perfect, and all my hydrangeas will be in bloom then as well............

I have lots of vintage turquoise glass. would it be too much to have a few pieces scattered throughout the room? I think if it were on every table it would be a little much.

Any thoughts?

p.s. one of the picture frames I spray-painted dried so i am updating this post with another photo. i think we are going to put the table numbers in black frames. sadly my printer isn't working so i had to draw this "1" but you get the idea, right?

(a candlelit view)


bethany said...

I so agree with you about less is sometimes more when it comes to flowers...I like the fewer flowers too! :)

And, I'm also with you on diggin' the white with black pattern over the black with white.

Can you believe that I also love the deep turqoise? A friend incorporated peacock feathers into her wedding, and they really looked SO classy. Convince her it's a great option! :)

Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

Liv said...

I am also in agreement with fewer flowers.

I hope she goes for the peacock feathers idea, I'm a fan.

I also love the table number concept.
You are so talented, I know it will be great.

downthegardenpath said...

Banquet tables or round? What color tablecloth under the runner? I like the framed table number. Looks like you're off to a good start.

Sarah said...

I like all of your ideas! I think the white vases look especially striking on the black with white pattern runner, especially if you are going to have some nice, big, bold white blooms! Whatever you two work out will look so classy, I'm sure. I hope that more and more of these opportunities come your way because you have such a gift for making events beautiful and special, and not bank-breaking!