Sunday, November 9, 2008

In case

you have been racking your brain all weekend trying to solve my lip balm problems, you can put your mind at ease. I did a little more tinkering......... and Voila!

We have lip blam! Very similar to Burt's Bee's, I might add. Mmmm! I love it! I hope some other people will too, because I made almost 30 pots of it. Guess what all of you are getting for Christmas this year.

I also found the time to finish this lap quilt while I caught up on Boston Legal via Whatever else you may think about that show, I laugh out loud every time I watch it. Especially at 12:00 am while I am finishing up projects in my sewing room.

AND - if you are in need of some fall warmth in your living or dining room, you can pick up one of these fabric banners at my Etsy shop.

We were all laying low this weekend as we were a little under the weather, but looking back, I guess I managed to get alot done. I hope you all had a great weekend too.


Kari said...

You amaze me with all your talent. You must not have a lazy bone in you...just genius. Great job on all the projects. It may have inspired me to do something creative too. ;)

Secondstreetdesigns said...

Well, that is very kind. I think I probably drive people crazy. (Ask my husband sometime!)

downthegardenpath said...

i'm looking forward to claiming my pot - they look really cute. is it possible that i could snag a few extras for gifts for my co-workers??