Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So.... James always "tsk tsk's" me when I make a trip to Target for milk and come home with a bag full of stuff. I want you all to know that he ran to Target for milk last weekend and came home with a bag of stuff too, including a door gym and ingredients to make white chocolate covered pretzels. That's right! Usually I am the one who comes home late in the evening with all the makings of a project, and I have to make my project right now, even if it is 10:00 pm.

This time Aidan was on his way to bed, but instead he made a detour to the kitchen to assist James with his treat-making.

They sure were yummy, though I still am curious as to what inspired James to take such a sudden, domestic turn. Hmmmm. Maybe you will have to read his blog for the answers.

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