Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I have a massive migraine, a bazillion things to do, and did I mention I really love being in management???? Oh, and we were supposed to run errands after work but Aidan had an accident at Vicky's so we are home in the tub. But I can't even be mad. On the way home in the car Aidan told me, "I am so sorry I pooped mom, I am so 'baressed. I prayed all day it would stay in and then it just wouldn't, and then my friends thought the baby must have pooped but it was me. And Bode(his best friend) told me that he doesn't have accidents, and that I am stinky."

I guess maybe my day wasn't so bad.


downthegardenpath said...

oooh sounds like you could both use a hug and a blankie.....

jenica said...

Oh, poor boy. That must've been tough. I'm glad you could feel compassion in his experience. (Sometimes I'm in such a frenzy, I don't take the time to see their perspective.)

I hope you get over your migraine!