Thursday, November 20, 2008


After a day of cleaning poop, water and sheetrock dust (yes, we had to rip a hole in our sheetrock to access a drain because the other one was rusted shut!) I have to say. Wicked was wicked good!


jenica said...

Glad you liked it! The kid's and I have been a bit infatuated with Wizard of Oz lately...we're reading the book.

I saw Wicked with Kari and a few other friends in Chicago. I should look you up next time we are in Minn. My husband comes for business on and off and I always try to tag along. :)

rinse*repeat said...

AH! You saw it?!? I heard tickets there sold like crazy!

Secondstreetdesigns said...

yeah, one of my co-workers buys group tickets months in advance. (literally the day that the ticket sales open she calls and orders them.) so, that eliminates all the taxes and fees, and we always have great seats, an she gets disney bucks on her credit card and takes nice, free vacations. I guess she is really using us..... but that is okay.