Thursday, November 13, 2008

School Days????

That's right, next year is the big year. Wow, parenting means making some hard decisions. Private, public, homeschool, charter?

I remember discussing this when Aidan was a baby, and it seemed so far away we never thought we'd actually have to make a decision. Truthfully James has always wanted us to homeschool. Not to shelter Aidan, but because he feels that public schools do not help kids reach their full potential, and private schools were off his list too. I mean, could we honestly afford that? And he also thinks private school make spoiled, snotty kids who are more devious in their rebellion. (I guess this assumption is based upon his personal experience with me.)

So... thankfully there is another great option in our super-highly taxed state of Minnesota.
(this is when the music would start to play) And since James spent a good chunk of time in China last year, he feels strongly that Chinese immersion is the way to go. Me? I am just happy that the Chinese idea has replaced his homeschooling idea.

Last week we toured the Yinghuaa Academy and watched a sample lesson. It was amazing, the teachers all speak native Mandarin, and they DO NOT EVER speak English to the children, until about the 3rd grade. How does that work? I don't know. But I do know that after one hour of class Aidan told us some words he learned and what they meant in English, and I also saw that all 20 kids who were there for the sample class sat perfectly still, eyes glued on the teacher taking in everything she was saying. Their little brains have amazing capacity!

We also have some friends who go there, and they absolutely love it. I was comforted by the fact the class sizes are small and the whole environment, while stimulating and exciting, was not huge and overwhelming like some of the public schools I have toured in the area.

Sooo.... we will see. Acceptance to the school is purely based on a lottery system, and that won't happen until January. We have lots of praying to do!


Valerie said...

I will join you in sending out good thoughts for acceptance in what seems like an amazing school. Language aquisition at a young age is best amd also seems tp correlate with music and math skills. Can we be lucky enough that uniforms are required, too?

christa said...

chinese school? well, you're right, it beats trying to home school! although, you would probly be pretty good at it. sounds cool though! can't wait to see what you decide!

Secondstreetdesigns said...

Yes! Uniforms! They make me so happy! And the children do score exceptionally high in Math, and apparently they even like it, which is a huge plus considering Aidan seems a little more like me than he does his father. I spent many nights crying over my math homework.

jenica said...

It's true all forms of schooling have goods and bads. I guess we parents just have to decide which has the most good for our child/family.

When we lived in CO I was seriously hoping to do charter school thing, then we moved here where there are none... Oh well, the Lord knows.

I would love a good 3 day/week school. Then homeschool the other 2 day. ;) You know, the best of both worlds.

JG Collection said...

WOW that is so cool to know. Rob and I have talked about sending Ryan to an Immersion school (Spanish or Chinees) We weren't sure if a Chinees one existed!! Great blog!