Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Are mom's always right?

Well, mine has that tendency. I like to think I do too.

Today I am home with a sick kid. That's okay, I can work on a bunch of blog posts and put some items on Craigslist. I wanted to work on slipcovering my other chair but our furnace is out so I prefer to huddle under the blankets with my feverish little heat source.

Did you catch the use of the word "other" in my previous paragraph? That's right. Keep reading.

So my mom thought I could slipcover a chair. I didn't agree and priced custom slipcovers. Yeah. They cost more than buying a new chair. I really am trying to save my money for my kitchen, so I thought I'd better try sewing my own. Last night I whipped this one up in about 2 hours for the cost of a $10.00 paint tarp. really. If you ever come over I just ask that you don't look too closely as it is far from perfect. It also is kind of in "pieces," three to be exact. That allowed me to really tuck in some areas tightly and I think I like it that way. And then if I ever need to wash it I can just wash the piece that needs it, right?

So hopefully tonight I will finish slipcover #2. Or if we are still waiting for the part for our furnace you may find my on the couch with Aidan, buried under a pile of blankets with my laptop battery strategically placed under our feet. (it generates some major heat!)


downthegardenpath said...

Good for you - looks great! And having the pieces will come in handy for cleaning...
Sorry to hear about Aidan. And your furnace.

Valerie said...

Congratulations! Your chair has that "Shabby Chic" look.