Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finishing up

So I have finished the bedroom, the downstairs, (minus the ceiling, I tweaked my shoulder cross-country skiing and I can't quite paint the ceiling in the downstairs yet,) the bathroom and closet. I just have to finish the stairs now. I was over at a friends house this evening and they recently refinished their stairs......... they looked so pretty I may just decide to copy them.

In the meantime, here are some finished pics of the bathroom and downstairs. I did like the teal I previously had in the bathroom but the light expanse is very calming to me right now.

Next week is spring break. Not sure if I am going to tackle projects or what I might do. But before the week starts i have a sewing date with this sweet lady. I am excited to have a good reason to sit and work through the pile of almost-finished lap quilts/baby quilts that I started a few months ago. (but have since lost steam.) I am hoping to put them in my Etsy shop.

Enjoy the pics!

The previous bathroom and closet view. I loved all the color and now in pictures it just looks so garish!

Had to show a picture of my Hunt & Gather treasure (the mirror.) Love it!

Just for fun. spring!

Painting in progress. See what a mess I have been making???

The bathroom is now a very light grey/purple. I had originally purchased a Martha Stewart color called "Frost." However, it turned a bright purple color in my bathroom so after one coat I had to cut it with white and grey. The color is still more purple than I would like but at this point I am willing to live with it. ( At least for now, right? )

So that is a little snap-shot of what I have been doing. I also have been cooking up a storm for a dinner at work..... I will share some yummy recipes later.

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Stephanie said...

You're new bathroom/closet is soo beautiful! I love the hint of purple and how it changes in the light. I find that color affects my mood so much, I always find myself wanting to live in my gray room downstairs. I also love your newish playlist! I loove Priscilla Ahn!