Saturday, May 14, 2011

another forgotten post

April seemed like a never-ending month of birthday parties and rain showers. Not that I mind birthday parties but all that cake is hard on a girls waistline. Especially because Aidan and I prefer the same kind of cake: white with white frosting. I can resist a chocolate cake, but all the creamy, white frosting........ mmmmm.

This year Aidan just had a few friends over for an afternoon of Wii (instead of a big party.) I think low-key is definitely the way to go. He had just as much fun as last year but with about half of the work and stress for me. :)

Kitty Grandma was able to come for the party. She ate her first "walking taco." (Aidan's dinner of choice for the day.) Last year Aidan chose fried rice, orange chicken, green beans, oranges......... most of which ended up in the garbage. I would say that walking tacos were definitely a better choice. What kid doesn't love taco meat, cheese and doritos?

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downthegardenpath said...

Another success! It looks like a fun time for everyone. And it looks like the *new* basement is perfect for a gaggle of kids.