Wednesday, May 11, 2011

paint it black

I saw some pictures on different blogs of black bathrooms and bedrooms. I know I have been painting most of my house white but I couldn't stop thinking about a black bathroom. In my mind black was a logical step. After all the bathroom started white, then was painted grey so what is next?????? (maybe a really dramatic wallpaper?)

I love it.

(The mirror and the vintage florals were all in my sewing room. They are perfect in the bathroom!)

And every time i think about the bathroom this song runs through my head.


downthegardenpath said...

It is striking - I like the new curtain.

hmmm - you'll have to be on the look out and send me links for bathroom makeovers. Just for fun - just in case...

bethany said...

I LOVE IT. And in person, it's even, even better. You did a fantastic job with whats framed on the walls, too. It's beautiful! :)

On Second Street said...

something is wrong with blogger! all the comments disappeared! ladies - i promise i did not delete your comments!