Monday, May 2, 2011

a new high

I have kept these plants alive for two weeks.

That is a record for me. My outdoor gardens are no problem. I am not gifted with a green thumb
but my plants have a chance to survive out there because their survival is not dependent on me. However indoor plants never make it at my house. I have tried and tried over the years. For one things, we don't have the right amount of sun in any or our rooms. Then there is the whole issue of watering, too much, too little.... I never seem to get it right.

Earlier this month I met Jessica and Bethany for a girls night out in which we 1) had a good time, 2) did not really buy anything, 3)Emptied out half of my sewing room and saved me the trouble of a yard sale or multiple trips to the Goodwill. I even had a gift card to spend but all I came home with was a few little plants.

I am okay with that though as the rest of the night was perfect.

Here they are surrounded by all their loot.

Thanks ladies!

And hopefully in two weeks (if I actually blog again) I will be able to tell you my plants are {still} alive.

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