Sunday, February 1, 2009

And the winner is.......


I am so glad you stopped by! Thanks for the great tip on the Velcro too, I think it may beat my sticky-tack idea, b/c the sticky-tac got too cold and never worked.

Although I am not sure what you would need a scarf for down in Alabama...........

Thanks to the rest of you who played too. I loved reading all your random facts. Jenica, yours really made me laugh, and while I would like to say I have no knowledge on the subject, well, remember the Rodgers dog, Nibs?

So this wraps up my month of giveaway's. Thanks for adding me to your "blogroll's" this past year. I feel like I have been able to reconnect/stay connected with lots of friends and family, and it will be fun to see what the next year brings.

Thanks again to all who left comments, I would have loved to give you each a present. Maybe next time!

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downthegardenpath said...

congrats to mimi. hmmm...what is another good excuse for a giveaway??