Monday, February 22, 2010

At our house.........

..........we like to have sleepovers.

Sometimes in a tent (thanks James for taking this oh-so-flattering photo of us while sleeping.)

Sometimes on a mattress.

The mattress makes a great place for a wrestling match later.


Sarah said...

We love pulling the futon mattress on the floor for a sleep/wrestle area!

mb said...

you are a good mom...I don't know if I would sleep in a shark tent all night.
it was nice hanging out tonight (for a little bit) how's aidan?

yinghua art said...

oh MB- you would if they asked you the right way... which for me is, "can we lay on the floor and watch the olympics...." sure honey.

he actually has fluid in both his ears, not an infection, so that is good news. We made it at 7:55 and were out when they closed at 8:00. We will have to try again. Not enough time tonight, and I didn't have much patience.