Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chinese New Year

The day finally came and here is the video for your viewing pleasure. It is a little shaky at first, but stick with it.

We sat through almost two hours of performances, and I admit I may be a little biased but Aidan's class was seriously one of the best!

We also enjoyed a Chinese meal, thanks to Kitty Grandma. We all remarked how big and old Aidan seemed now that we have entered into the world of school performances.

Next on tap for Yinghua - hopefully an art fair for the spring. I may have to take my sewing machine out of retirement.
(p.s. The story behind the socks is that Aidan has a wart on the bottom of his foot and he didn't want anyone to see it. )


downthegardenpath said...

What a treat! Thanks for getting this posted - I've been waiting. The costumes looked great - you and your band of sewers should be very proud. The kids looked they were having a great time.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Grama and the girls thought that was awesome! Emmy said u were the best dancer! Happy Valentine's Day! Love you

bethany said...

Oh, how SWEET! I only know you a little, and I welled up at this...I can't imagine how exciting/emotional seeing Aiden's first performance was! He looked SO proud and did such a fantastic job...simply sweet + adorable. :)

P.S. Was Aiden wearing one sock? :) At first I thought maybe everyone wore one sock, and perhaps it was a cultural thing...but giggled a little when I saw he was the only one. How cute. :)

bethany said...

I spelled Aidan's name wrong. I'm a terrible blog friend. :( Sorry!

Valerie said...

A star is born! And a star with did that happen? Thanks so much for sharing this.

marybeth said...

yeah, I was curious about the one sock aidan too! what was that?
nice work naphtali!

jess said...

Maybe his next venture will be "So you think you can Dance" Seriously, that kid has some rythym.
My favorite part was James cheering him on and someone saying "We love you Aiden." James? I welled up with tears. You guys are great parents. Thanks for the show. We loved it here. :)