Monday, February 8, 2010

I see Red

Here are some pictures of Aidan and his classmates as they try on part of their costumes for Friday's big New Year celebration. They have little red satin pants to wear as well and I still need to make more headbands for the boys. We are trying to get a "karate kid" look, which may be a little difficult considering the boys are wearing halter tops just like the girls, but I am learning to let some things go...................

Friday is the big celebration and the children have two totally sold out shows and a big Chinese feast to look forward to. Every time I pick Aidan up from school the staff has done more to decorate it for the big event, and the whole place is looking so festive. They have lanterns and tigers hanging up everywhere.The Chinese believe the color red symbolizes good luck and fortune so they have all of these ornate red cutouts decorating the windows and halls. I am also volunteering at the school the whole day................. so I am thinking I probably should find something red to wear too, in keeping with the occasion. (Didn't I just have this problem last week too???) Maybe the anticipated sale finally came through for me. If only the snow would stop so I could make a trip to Anthro and find out!


Sarah said...

way to go! You are a sewing super star! I hope the school staff knows and truly appreciates what a huge thing you were able to accomplish. I've been fighting with my sewing machine lately, so I'm really appreciating your effort =)

downthegardenpath said...

they look great! You, and the other moms, should be as proud of your efforts as you are your kids.
Wish we could be there. If you are too busy to man your own camera makes sure someone has photos to share.
Good luck with the hunt for red wearables.

Barb said...

Kudos to you and the other moms for their sewing talents. I applaud you even more for your endurance at the sewing machine! I have not very often emptied a spool of thread so for you to empty as many as you did, I am really impressed!

Have fun on Friday at school. Take lots of pictures!