Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So this AM Aidan woke up hurling again.

He has had on-going, intermittent flu symptoms for almost two weeks now. We have missed birthday parties, school, fun outings, and more school.

Super frustrating.

We ended up in the ER because his primary clinic wigged out when I mentioned the words "abdominal pain."

But I finally had time to catch up on my mail while snuggling with my child.

Now we are home.

While I was reading my mail I read about this product.

I figured for $12.00 I might as well give it a shot since I am driving my family a little crazy these days.

So next week I will have to report back.

In the meantime, you can welcome my neighbor to the blog-world.

Another blog to add to the list! Love the sweet picture Ali.


Soren said...

did they have any answers to why Aiden keeps getting sick? Poor guy.

Mary said...

If it's any consolation... Last year Beth got the stomach flu and had random pukes for several weeks afterward. I think that certain stomach viruses can disturb their little digestive processes for awhile. I put her on a more bland diet and that seemed to help a lot. I also gave her plenty of good probiotics.