Thursday, February 4, 2010


Tomorrow at work we are supposed to wear red for heart disease. I surveyed my wardrobe and I have no red shirts. No pink either, just grey, black and brown with a few random deep teal or orange sweaters thrown in. Ugh! When did I turn into "Miss Neutral?"

However............there is red popping up all over my house because I love to decorate for Valentine's day.

Here's a little Valentine red from me to you.

p.s. I am thinking this might become a colorful addition - after it clears out. I tried it on last week hoping it would clearance out, but alas, not yet.


downthegardenpath said...

so what did you do about work??

downthegardenpath said...

by the way - your picture of the heart on the wall has a very magazine feel to it - the doorway, the colors all work well together

Valerie said...

Here's hoping the clearance god smiles upon you....lovely dress!

bethany said...

Loving this endearing heart photo...simply sweet :)

I feel like Anthro is always so slow to mark down. Come on, Anthro! Get out those clearance guns...or whatever they use in classy places like Anthro :)