Sunday, December 14, 2008

The lost has been found

The lost sweater, that is.

I was going to write a post last week about how I lost a sweater, and I actually had myself convinced that I mustn't have ever bought the sweater, because I searched high and low and I could not find it.

Until last night.

Last weekend I went to a dinner and a Christmas concert with a good friend, and as I rarely get a chance to go out I wanted to dress up. I remembered buying a cute little grey sweater at Macy's on clearance this summer, and I thought maybe it would be the right time to pull it out. But I couldn't find it. I looked through all my regular stashes, through all my sweaters, I checked to see if I'd hung it up, I looked everywhere. I remembered that when I bought the sweater I had a hard time deciding where to put it because it was so fragile I didn't want to give it wrinkle lines. But after half a day of tearing my room apart I told myself I must have imagined that conversation with myself, because I obviously hadn't bought the sweater.

Then last night I was innocently hanging something up, and when I pulled out what I thought was an empty hanger, and there was the sweater, barely holding on. Seriously, that sweater almost had me convinced I was crazy, and there it was, all along.

So tonight we are heading out for some Christmas festivities, and I think I will wear that little grey sweater.

If I can remember where I stashed it after I found it.

(p.s. the sweater in the picture isn't the one I lost, I just picked a random grey sweater b/c I like posts with pictures!)

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