Friday, December 5, 2008

Thank the Lord for Nana's!

That's right. There are many great things about Grandma's, but one of the BEST THINGS EVER is that when your child asks you something like, "Mom, can we build a gingerbread house?" you can reply, "Why honey, Nana will be here in a few weeks and she is very good at building gingerbread houses. You should wait and build one with her!" Pretty smooth huh?

A few years ago James thought it would be a fun tradition for us to build one every year. I told him they weren't as fun and easy as they look. (My first experience was with Priscilla Rodgers when I was in nursing school. In the end we decided to dub our house a "bombed out English countryside cottage from the World War II era.") Let's just say that the gingerbread house tradition was short lived. Although I am thinking Nana and Aidan could start a little tradition of their own.

What do you think Nana? Could you do this every year?????

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downthegardenpath said...

yah, you betcha.
actually the kit makes it pretty easy. aidan had definite ideas about the decorations, adding mouse doors that were not included in the examples given on the box, and managed to get through the process clean!