Monday, December 8, 2008


I was just sitting down at the computer this week to try and figure out our Christmas card pictures, when I decided to waste some time on Facebook.

But when I logged on and started reading all the updates, I found that a local friend has just launched her own business. She was a graphic designer and is now a SAHM. (and also happens to be the cousin of one of my favorite people in the world!) So - problem solved. No hours online, no frustration uploading pictures to, no frustration with our outdated system. (every year we do our own cards and every year James has to go to Best Buy for some upgrade to be able to convert our picture to JPEG or something like that. I really have no clue.) But now, it doesn't matter. I can pick them up sometime later this week.

AND- they match my Christmas wrapping and gifts tags. (don't even laugh at me!!!!!!)

AND- I think she is going to make labels for all our homemade liqueurs too!

AND - she just added about 10 hours back into my life.

What more can I ask for?????


downthegardenpath said...

i'm sorry - sahm??
and we're all happy to know that your life has just been made easier. merry christmas. which reminds me - do you know yet where and when you will be for christmas??

Secondstreetdesigns said...

SAHM = Stay At Home Mom