Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sewing projects

First- can you believe all the posts this week? I should seriously pace myself, or next week might find some of you in withdrawal again.

Second- this post really should not have happened. I should not be staying up late at night sewing things for my house when I have custom orders to fill, Christmas presents to make, cookies to bake and cards to send, and only three weeks to do it all. But I just couldn't help myself.

It all started with this wall. As you can see I have lots of pictures hanging along the stairs. I hung them before Aidan was born and I always assumed I would have to take them down when he became mobile. Except he just learned to avoid them, and hasn't really had a problem with them, and so I have left them. But we do have many friends with children who come over and while most seem to do fine, there are a few who regularly knock my pictures off the wall. ( I don't think they read my blog.) I debated taking the pictures down but my cheap frames have smudged the walls, and I can't repaint b/c the color is a result of 6 years worth of layering. (Besides.... I am of the opinion that I shouldn't have to remove all valuables when people come over, but I am not going to make this a blog post about parenting.) Let's just say that after a record FOUR dropped pictures recently, and quite a few glass splinters later I decided it boiled down to my friends or the wall, and the right choice would be the friends, right? I started covering foamboard with fabric, and got about halfway done when life got busier, and the whole project has been in limbo. As my project waits for me my mind has been whirling, and now I am not sure exactly what I want to do on that wall. But I do know I have lots of fabrics waiting for a spot in our family room, so after Charlie's recent visit I decided what better way to use them than to make some pillows and throws. I know. I am crazy. Just say it.

My mom and I found the best vintage white chenille bedspread at a thrift store while she was here, and it became part of the quilts and pillows, and also became their cozy, soft backs. I LOVE how they turned out.

Now if only I could figure out how to finish the wall!


downthegardenpath said...

c'mon. fess up- charlie or not you would have replaced the pillows and throws....the bedspread and charlie were the imputus but you know it was in the back of your mind all along.

downthegardenpath said...

they do look nice.

BlogWithinABlog said...

"I know. I am crazy. Just say it."

You are crazy