Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Projects

There really is an end in sight. I am almost done with my Christmas gifts. I might have been done last weekend if I hadn't wasted six hours of my life at the Aveda Institute trying to save a buck or two. My hair looks cute, but my goodness, she used up my whole day!

Fun towels

and potholders. Doesn't it make you want to cook?

This is going to be a quilt for my dad. In his television area he has a funky retro teal and green lamp he found at a junk shop, and so I made him a lap-quilt to match. I love the fabrics in this quilt! I could look at it all day long. And in case you are wondering why there are two fabrics with cars in his quilt, you have to know that we took many, many road trips growing up. All our families lived far away, and after Naomi died and we moved out East we suddenly had so much freedom. We would pack up our car and take weekend trips all the time, taking advantage of all the East Coast has to offer. I have many fond car trip memories, and so I think that is why those fabrics called my name.

This one is for my daycare lady, Vicky. Aidan was on a secret mission to find out what colors she has in her bedroom and report back to me. He was pretty cute about it. Apparently her walls are red and orange. She has lots of great colors in her house.

More pot-holders. They are so fun to make I might have to make a few more. Although I break lots of needles on them. Which is good, that means they are very thick and you shouldn't have any problems burning your hand when you use them.

Towels to complement your potholders.

And last but not least, James' blanket. Now, I know the others I am making blankets for won't see my blog post, but James will. However, I have been updating him on it's progress since the day I bought the fabrics, and I still get the same response. "Oh." It really is beautiful, and it will look amazing in his office. Aidan and I will for sure enjoy curling up under it when we use the computer or watch movies, regardless of whether or not James appreciates it! I also made the same blanket for my father-in-law. I hope he likes it as well.
Well that is about all the news in the project department. I just have to finish binding the blankets and I will be done! But now I better go to bed. I can barely keep my eyes open, so I will be curious to see how many typos I missed and how poor my grammar is at this late hour.


jenica said...

Wow! Good job on all the homemade gifts. I can't imagine doing all that!

I especially love the "fun towels", your dad's quilt and James' quilt.
You'll have to let us know what James says when he opens his.

downthegardenpath said...

have you thought of adding laptop sleeves to your line??

downthegardenpath said...

have you thought of adding laptop sleeves to your line??