Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A New Phase

Yesterday Aidan had Christmas at Vicky's house, and we, as a family, had a little Christmas celebration of our own. We were planning on going downtown to Macy's Christmas display, but someone fell asleep at the table, so we nixed that plan, and went tonight instead. (Yes folks, it was me!)

One of the gifts Aidan received at Vicky's was a dart gun. He has been having so much fun with it, he even decided to take it to bed with him last night! He also is shooting darts into many places that I don't think they should be shot, but James says this is what boys do.

I did inform them that the first time a dart breaks something, (whether shot by Aidan or James) the gun becomes my property. Aidan agreed to this, and he has been very careful today.

Last night, however, found him on climbing up onto the piano to retrieve a lost dart. I just had to take a picture, he was all dressed in his Christmas jammies, and was so proud of himself, the gun and the careful climbing.

Here he is opening his presents. I have to add, compared to many of our friends children Aidan gets gypped. He gets so many gifts from friends and family that we don't give him very much. As a matter of fact this years gifts were purchased at Mindware's seasonal clearance this summer, and there were a few things Aidan said he really wanted. (In that super annoying, whiny-wanting voice.) So we informed him that if we bought them, they would be his Christmas gift, and he has been patiently waiting for the last 6 months for those two gifts. Honest. I even made him an offer that if we could give those gifts to some other kids on their birthday he could get some new presents, but he declined!
Showing off his new watch, p.j.'s and Star Wars Mr. Potato head from Vicky.

Up we go!


Oh yeah, that's me sleeping. I managed to rouse myself from the table and haul myself down the stairs. I remember opening the gifts, and I vaguely remember half of "A Christmas Story," (until the leg lamp broke.... I think.....) and then apparently James bathed Aidan and they chased each other around with the dart-gun. But I don't remember any of that.)
I'd like to tell you about the gifts I received, but I think that is a story for another day.

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Valerie said...

What a good idea that you had your own little family Christmas before heading into the fray of extended family events. Did James to the confiscation of the dart game should it break something?

Have a wonderful Christmas....hope to see you sometime in 2009.

Thanks for all of the wonderful blogs...reading your blog is something I look forward to!