Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Do you need more time in your day?

Yes. This is a commercial. Sorry, but when I find a good thing I just have to share.

See the fort Aidan is coloring?

Do you like my product placement?

I tried a new service recently, Alice.com. All you have to do is go to their website, open an account and shop for your non-perishables like shampoo, laundry soap, cleaning products etc, and it will be delivered in 2-3 days, in fun boxes like you see above that are perfect for little boys forts. You can choose how often you need new products: monthly, bi-monthly, etc, and they will kindly send you an email reminder. The prices are comparable to most of the stores around here (obviously not the same as Costco or Sam's) but you don't even have to get out of your car! Amazing! I am sure in the long run you save money on impulse purchases as well! Personally when I run to Target for laundry soap and milk I usually come out with two bags full of great clearance buys.

I also decided to start having grocery service too. I know... James is unemployed. But grocery shopping for him is pure torture and even if I provide the most specifically detailed list he usually comes home with only half of what I needed, and lots of bargains from the scratch and dent aisle. And while grocery pick-up may not be the cheapest route to go I have saved lots of money because there are no impulse purchases. They also regularly email you coupons and gift card offers, and you can add things to your cart as you run out of them, so you don't forget things.

I know this may not work for everyone but I feel like in the past few weeks it has saved me considerable time and effort. I pick up my CSA boxes every week, pick up groceries and now have non-perishables delivered? I think I just saved myself 4- 5 hours this week! No wonder I have been able to squeeze in some extra time for reading! I think a girl could get used to this!


Rebecca said...

Thanks so much for this kind review... and while I'm thrilled you like Alice, I'm even happier that you posted that photo of the Alice.com boxes turned into a cool fort. So fun :)

Kelly said...

We use Coborn's Delivers here in the Twin Cities and are quite happy with it. The delivery fee is $5 (as long as your cart is at least $50), which is totally worth not having to go to the grocery store. Their prices might be better than Lunds/Byerlys, if you're concerned about cost.

While having your groceries delivered seems like a luxury, it's really not. I tend to buy less (there aren't really "impulse purchases" online), and the two hours of our time each week (a one hour trip for two adults) plus gas money is worth much more than $5.

I haven't heard of Alice.com. Intriguing. However, this would take me away from my beloved Target. I'm just not ready for that.

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