Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm done.

With school shopping, that is. Granted, I still need to battle the crowds at Target and buy pencils, crayons, etc, but as his list hasn't arrived yet, I am not worried about it.

I am done with clothes shopping! And yes, I let my fingers do the shopping again!

Aidan has to wear uniforms to school, which is proving to be somewhat challenging as Target, Macy's, Old Navy and Herberger's are sold out of most of the necessary sizes and colors. To be quite honest I had once thought I would dress him as the rebel child. You know- cargo's instead of flat-front, and untucked Oxfords in rumpled cotton instead of neatly buttoned polo's - but the uniform companies and schools must be working together to prevent mom's like me from finding the appropriate colors in the rumpled look.


So I guess Aidan will join the ranks of nerds I turned my nose up at my entire school career and wear flat front navy pants and light blue polo's.

I finally found the clothes we need in stock at, and then the shopping came easy- 5 of each - pants and shirts, a few sweaters and vests and we are good to go! I sadly deleted the blue pirate skull tie out of my shopping basket as I don't want to get him in trouble the first week. But I did let him buy the pirate printed Converse.

They don't have rules about shoes at Yinghua.


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jenica said...

Good job! I thinks school uniforms are a great idea. Although, if you could only wear blue, that would be tough. Do you like the color blue now? ;)