Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend in Review

We covered a lot of ground this weekend, and I feel like we accomplished a lot too! I weeded all the flowerbeds, James mowed the lawn, and we both did some projects around here that have been waiting for us - although I have yet to finish painting the trim. I was hoping to have it completed before Val comes this week, but it's not looking good.

Saturday morning they were having a Kidsfest at the McPhail Center for Music. We thought we would go and check it out.

The kids were given the opportunity to try out all sorts of musical instruments.

Aidan's favorite

Making his own little noise-maker.

Listening to the student's perform.

Afterwards we went to the Farmers Market and then walked along the riverfront.

Why do boys love throwing rocks so much? All he did was hunt for rocks and then throw them all in.
Flowers for me. That we left there. In the ground. Where they came from. Nice thought though guys!

Taking the short-cut back up the hill!

Enjoying some yummy Thai food at Kindee. I will learn how to make these lettuce wraps and share with you. The filling was so good I wanted to lick the bowl!

Someone loves peanut sauce so much he licked the bowl clean.

Saturday we had dinner with the neighbors. All the kids dressed up like super-hero's and ran around the neighborhood.

James impressed me this weekend! He finished up some little odd jobs around here AND he replaced the was seal under our toilet. (The previous owners had caulked around the toilet. And then rust stains would appear and I would scrub and scrub and re-caulk again.......... so if you ever are house shopping and there is caulk around the toilet..........

We also were having some leaking around our faucet and it was corroding like crazy. James installed this new faucet and not only does it look amazing in the bathroom, the stopper actually works! (Our old one never did.) Thanks so much. I think it went so well I am going to keep my eye out for a new faucet for the kitchen sink. Bet you just can't wait James!

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