Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where to start.....

My whole rhythm is off. On my days off I used to wake up....... drink some coffee.......... sit and catch up with my emails and blog-posts, and if I worked I could easily blog in the evening after Aidan went to bed. However - like I said - my whole rhythm is off. I am not complaining that James is home every day, but I am just letting you all know that he had to return his laptop to Carlson when he left, and now he is home, on the computer all. the. time. I am sure he is busy job hunting and working on some of his projects, but I cannot get a chance at the keyboard. So this morning I woke up a little earlier than he did so I could grab a few minutes, and now I don't even know where to start!

We had a great 4th weekend, I have lots of pictures I will eventually post. I also finished the deck with some help from my little man who applied the pre-treatment. All the while he was singing some pirate song about "swabbing the poop deck."

James also finished our cherry picking last week. Once again our tree didn't produce very much this year. The tree has some caterpillars or something eating its leaves, and I also think we need to have a tree doctor come out and help us prune the tree correctly, we have just been whacking off the branches we thought were in the way.

So we have enough cherries to make two large jars of cherry liqueur, and I was going to make a big pot of jam too. I had envisioned taking another picture with pretty red jars all lined up in a row to show you. But instead I put the cherries on the stove (on low) went to read Aidan a book and then proceeded to fall asleep. (A very common occurence at our house!) When I came back they contents of the pan were charred black. I wanted to cry! All that cherry pitting for nothing! (Although you would think the horrid burnt cherry smell would have woken me up, or alerted James who was down the hall on the computer. )

Well, even though I have much more to blog about Aidan and I are on our way out the door to go berry picking. Stay tuned for photos - although at this rate you may not see them for three weeks. So every time you load my blog and you find that I haven't posted, let it be a little reminder for you all to pray for James, that he will find a job. And if not we are going to have to make a little sign-up sheet for the computer, like they used to have at the gym for the treadmills.


downthegardenpath said...

why wait?? make the sign-up sheet now!!

Valerie said...

Such a relief to see your new posts. Your faithful readers were going through withdrawal. Definitely work out a computer use agreement....soon! Thanks for the updates. I don't know where you get your energy so it is no wonder you fall asleep and can sleep thought burning cherries. See you soon.