Saturday, July 25, 2009

Do you Raclette yet?

We do.

Aidan does.

My boss had a "raclette party" earlier this year, and all I could think about afterwards was, "If I had a raclette grill my kid might eat more vegetables!"

And I was right.

(That is his chubby little finger pointing to his little basil sandwich!)

If you follow the link it will tell you all about the history of raclette and what the Swiss traditionally cook on their grill. When we grill, however, I usually par-boil a variety of veggies and then Aidan gets the biggest kick ever out of cooking his own veggies with meat and cheese.

Last night we grilled bread, basil and turkey to make little sandwiches, and Aidan was shoving leaves of basil in his mouth like it was his job.


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