Sunday, July 19, 2009


Last week we enjoyed a visit from my "Auntie Val" as I have always referred to her, and Barb, a lifelong friend of Val's. We had a delightful time that I will tell you all about later. But I can tell you one thing we did- and that was eat. We ate some really good food, and no I am not bragging about my cooking. We ate out a lot. And when we were home we all pitched in. One night Barb made rhubarb fool from this book. While we were discussing desserts both her and Val both suggested I should make a pavlova, which was ironic because I had just read about one here a few weeks ago.

Today we had some company and some extra creamy filling from our "fools" that I thought I should use up, so I tried my hand at a pavlova. I ate one piece and was looking forward to more, but alas - James' friends ate the rest.

But now that I have made one and enjoyed it with raspberries I cannot wait to make another. You should try it too. Super easy, so delicious, and actually not too bad for you. Sounds like the perfect dessert.

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jenica said...

Hmmm, I'll give this perfect dessert a try! Thanks!