Thursday, September 3, 2009

All I want..........

..... is a black sweater vest for Aidan.

Shouldn't be too hard right? I have googled it and searched all over the worldwide web from Target to Nordstrom's, all in an attempt to find a Black V-Neck sweater vest (or even a black sweater!!!!) for Aidan to wear to school.

You have to indulge me, but I think a little boy in a sweater vest is one of the cutest sights in the world!

I can find a plethora of navy and grey, even a few burgundy's, but no black. NO BLACK! Are you kidding me?

But, then I found it. Here. Of course I did. What else do you expect from me?

But I did not buy it- I will keep my eye on it though. And you can keep your eye out too- if any of you ever see a size 5 black sweater vest pick it up and I will pay you back and love you forever!

In the meantime I will keep ogling the eye candy at J.Crew. Sigh.


Jill said...

You check ebay yet? I did a quick search and came up with quite a few.. good luck! (I'm looking for Big bro, Big sister Tees if ya see any :)

bethany said...

Yikes, this is tough! I was intrigued and started searching, too!

I just checked over at Old Navy...and they have a black V-neck, but it looks like they're out of size 5 (XS) online. Maybe they have it in store?

Good luck...this is a toughie! :) I'll let you know if I see anything else!