Sunday, September 6, 2009

Because I can.

Because I finally have the chance to be on the computer- albeit I am at my Grandma's and have her laptop I am going to post something - although what yet I don't know. All my recent photos are home on my computer.

Maybe this.

My mother-in-law, Jane, gave me a J.Jill gift certificate for my birthday, and I found this sweater there. I love it, it is the perfect fit and oh-so-soft. Thanks Jane!

The sweater also has me thinking shades of grey. Did any of you see the movie The Ugly Truth? Her room was shades of grey, cream and yellow: ultra soothing yet sophisticated. Last week I sold one of my living room rugs, and I am having a yard sale soon with a friend. So yes, I am thinking grey, which would look striking with all my teal Mccoy pottery and a lovely old picture my Grandma is sending home with me. (I'll post a picture later- it is amazing!)

Here's a little grey and teal eye candy!


downthegardenpath said...

oooh! and to think i almost skipped your blog because i knew you were away.
good luck to you and aidan on tuesday.

christa said...

i LOVE the gray. i've always wanted to do gray in a kitchen, but it looks awesome in a bedroom too!! might have to try that in my new room.