Thursday, September 3, 2009


I am on a kick- I can't help it. And a word of warning to my dear husband- I am eyeballing the garage too, so be prepared for the organizational storm that is fast making way for land!

In the meantime, I have been working on smaller, more manageable projects. Did anyone see August 2009 BH&G? On page 73 they have a great article with tools to help you organize under your kitchen sinks. (kind of like this picture- only it's from March and someone else scanned it in. My scanner doesn't work!)

So I went to all the websites they recommended, like, the Container Store, etc. I found some online coupons and ordered a few items. I was most excited about this little shelf you hang on the inside of your cupboard for easy access to cleaning supplies. My next favorite item was a towel bar that hangs over your kitchen cupboard door.

They came today.

I was expecting someone at 6:00, so I got home from work, and was trying to make dinner and clean up the house but I just had to rip open the boxes so I could try my new toy.

It. didn't. fit.

Apparently they aren't made for old kitchen cupboards like mine that have a little "lip" on the door.

So the kitchen cupboard will remain as is. In other words- don't look under there when you come over!

(I did find this however- perfect for my awkward cupboard that houses all my pots and pans. I am continually hunting for lids. We will see if this helps- it is already a major improvement!)


downthegardenpath said...

i love the organizational storm line. check the family handyman site for some great garage ideas.

Jill said...

Do you like the pots and pans lid container?? Looks neat, how many lids does it hold, do you suppose? Bummer about the rest...