Friday, September 18, 2009

Recent sewing projects

I have barely touched my machine this summer. I had great intentions but......... I have no AC in my sewing room and with the changes to digital TV my little sewing room television no longer works, and it had been my faithful companion and distraction in the sewing room for years. So I then decided to rent DVD's at the library and watch the old classics during those late night hours but I now owe the library the equivalent of three purses thanks to the lack of phone and Internet reception the week we were in Wyoming.

But a co-worker/friend, who is also Aidan's girlfriend had a baby girl yesterday and this is what I had sewn for her, as a gift from the nurses at work. (Back to the girlfriend story - Aidan loves her because she always plays so nice with him when I would visit work. So for the past few years they have a little flirtation and I am the courier as they send little cards, letters and treats back and forth. When I told Aidan she was having a baby he ran to James exclaiming "Guess what Dad! My girlfriend is having a baby!" And I told him that better be the only time I hear those words come out of his mouth.)

The pictures look rather "busy" and it is hard to tell but I made her a little quilt, a vintage chenille changing pad and a diaper bag. They had a baby girl, and she requested something girly. I think that is just what she ended up with!

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jess said...

Love these. You can't ever find anything like this in "normal" stores.